Commercial areas open to the general public are often overlook when it comes to the condition of the concrete surface. Slip and fall and trip and fall are the most common problems people suffer. Solid Surface Coatings specializes in slip resistance coatings for all commercial applications from swimming pool decks to high gloss office floors. We specialize in uneven or sloped slabs that cannot be removed or mud jacked.

Polished concrete along with stain and sealed concrete floors cost less than replacing textiles every few years due to wear and tear, does not stain from food and drink spills, does not hold smells or mold such as carpet, easy to clean and almost maintenance free.

Avoid the headaches and financial burden of owning a hazardous commercial property. Call us today.

Upgrades on a budget

Not only does your commercial property need to be kept safe, it should also be attractive. If your interior and exterior surfaces are dated, ugly or lackluster, you could be losing business. Rely on our concrete services to help you upgrade or install customized, cost-effective solutions:

  • Polished Concrete 
  • Stained and Sealed interior and exterior floors for an unforgetable first impression.
  • Self-leveling flooring installation

You can’t afford to miss out on any of our options. Call us today so we can show you the many ways you can upgrade your commercial property with concrete.